Twinned Apparel

What if your apparel could own its digital twin & this was then your key across the metaverse and world of Web3?

Every piece of RFNFT tagged twinned apparel holds an encrypted key chip, securely linking your customers to the Digital World

Powered by RFNFT® Technology

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Powered by RFNFT® Technology, Twinned Apparel provides an encrypted and secure solution to link the Physical and Digital worlds together.Sometimes known as 'Phygital products', we blend digital experiences with physical ones and vice versa, to create a true bond between the two worlds.For the user it is as simple as tap and scan via their mobile phone, no app required.RFNFT® opens a new channel for clients to have direct communication with their customers, couple this with applications including Authenticity, Provenance & Token Gating and you have a powerful new form of Customer Experience.From a technical perspective every piece of apparel holds a AES encrypted, anti-cloneable Cold Wallet (Encrypted Keys) chip which has been generated via a one-time, air-gapped live OS.Ownership can be verified by a Signature based system.For more information please contact us to book a demo.

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